Monday, April 11, 2011

Climbing, traveling, and SCD'ing in the desert

Hi there and welcome to TwoStepsSCD!  We are glad you found the blog and hope your journey to health has already started.
Katie my wife, our Boston Terrier Pepper, and I took off for spring break, and headed down to the San Rafael desert of central Utah.  We had a great time climbing the desert sandstone cracks and hiking throughout the amazing territory there.  We climbed and hiked all day then headed back to camp to cook up wonderful meals.  We made trout with wilted chard and collard greens one night, veggie wraps with beans, cheese, cilantro, onion, and hot sauce another night (all with a great organic wine of course).  The last two nights we made a chicken stir-fry with onion, greens, chicken, and more cilantro - EXCELLENT!  The last night we cooked up some ground beef and had traditional bean and beef burrito wraps.  Check out the burrito wrap recipe in the book.  The wraps have been a new addition for me and are proving to be a great menu item while traveling, cooking in the outdoors, and for a quick filling snack while at home.

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