Monday, May 22, 2017

Interview at Gut Harmony

I recently had the pleasure to give a great interview for Tali who runs the Gut Harmony site.  Check out the interview here:  Interview with Tucker Sweeney

10 years of SCD: Tucker Sweeney shares lessons on balanced life and health maintenance


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  1. Hi Tucker! My 18 year old son was diagnosed with UC in April of this year. He had been suffering from the symptoms for 1-2 years and was diagnosed with anemia prior to the UC diagnosis. I just want to say thank you for writing the book with your mom about your experiences. I got a copy of your book from the library and suggested Sean read it. He began reading it, told me I needed to read it, and immediately connected with all you were saying. He, too, rock climbs and your words about UC not defining who you are really hit home with him. He surprised me when we went to see the GI nurse to get him his first maintenance medicine when he told us he was done with medicine, didn't want to be an "experiment" for the doctor, and was going on the SCD. Two days later he was in the hospital for four days because we were unaware he had contracted salmonella poisoning while in Belize a few days prior. He got out of the hospital on Sunday last and we took him to his freshmen year at Colorado State University. He is working with the dietician to find foods that fall within the SCD limits and has texted me to "SEND SNACKS!!" If you have any insights for him on navigating SCD while utilizing the university mess halls, I'd love to hear it. You are truly an inspiration to us. So glad we came across your book, and I happily stumbled on to this blog as well! Thank you!!