Thursday, April 30, 2015

Are you conquering your disease or is it conquering you?

Image result for emotional picturesInflammatory bowel diseases are tough to control.  Constantly in and out of remission and never knowing when the next flare up will hit you head on.  The SCD diet was most definitely the strongest factor in gaining control over the ulcerative colitis that was ravaging my body.  Yet, this process took more than two years of very slow progress.  Slowly, month after month, making slight headway and feeling just a little bit better each day. 

I was confused at this process and felt like it was out of the ordinary.  I felt like others on the diet were making quicker recoveries and some do!  This feeling though, that I was somehow not on the right road to recovery, really hindered my progress and weighed heavily on my mind.  Have any of you felt the same? 

Image result for well being picturesThe reason I decided to write our book was for this reason.  I felt that a story of slow recovery was needed.  An account of the trials and tribulations of the diet and disease.  An explanation of the fact that everyone reacts differently to diet modification and the effects of disease.  A story that lets you know that the place you are in RIGHT NOW is OK and that with perseverance and determination you will make it!  Two Steps Forward, One Step Back...


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Two step forward, One step back

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