Saturday, December 17, 2011

Living the good life

Hey everyone and hope the holidays are treating you well.  The transition from fall to winter here in Idaho has been a good one and the skiing and ice climbing have been fantastic.  We have been heading across the Canadian border to a nearby backcountry skiing area, which has had excellent early season snow.  As far as the ice climbing goes, we have mainly been climbing on some of the local ice flows like copper falls, and up the Yaak river.
BC Skiing
Instead of posting a new blog about a recipe, supplement or new found disease research I decided to post something about the hear and now.  A reminder to get outside and see the sites.  Laugh with friends and family.  Do something other than think and dwell on the disease you have! 

I remember the days when I was sick and felt like hiding inside, away from others.  To a point I think we all need time to ourselves to process what is going on inside our bodies and mind, yet be cautious about letting who you are slip away during this time.
Getting out and doing the things you love, even when you feel like crap is important.  It reminds us that the disease is only part of the picture and not the artist drawing it.  That playing, working, or being around other people is a time to forget, even for just a minute or two, that you are sick.
Ice Climbing
Diseases like UC and Crohns can follow a roller-coaster cycle that at times can weigh heavily on your mind.  We can get bogged down in looking for that quick fix that never seems to help or become obsessed with worry while waiting for that next flare up.  I feel that all of these responses are normal but many of them are not good for our disease or our overall health.  As time goes on I have taken an increased approach to living with what life throws at me and trying to not worry about the future, and therefore things I cannot change.  Accept that your disease may always play a small part in who your are ,what you eat, and how you feel.  Accept it but don't let it dictate your goals and dreams.  Be the change you want to happen.
Climbing in the Sierra's, CA
I decided against my own emotions as well as others to participate in many adventures when I was sick with UC.  I went rock climbing, ice climbing, and hiking while feeling like crap, and taking lots of um??, craps.  These forays outside my comfort zone were not easy and took a lot of commitment and will, along with an ability to show I was vulnerable to those around me.  Taking these "time outs" from UC gave me freedom from my daily reality and showed me that yes, I am who I am, and no disease can take that from me.  This strong will is only built stronger when you start to see improvements from lifestyle changes like the SCD.  My mind was strong and ready for a change, and along with the SCD my body was too. 
Take care of yourself.  Be yourself.  Follow your heart and sometimes not your gut.

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